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Assalamualikum! Hi I'm FarzanaKhaizam. Welcome to my wonderland!

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Cik Panda?

Hi, Assalamualaikum there , how are U?
hah, finally~ i'm can edit, make up my blog by my self...
feel independently hahaha~
 ok stop annoying~

ok, i will share a little bit about me, but just a little.

first:- my name is Farzana. ok that my name.

second:- U can call me  Nana, Far or CP (cikpanda)

third:- my age, ok 29 May  2012 i'm forteen years young~

fourth:- I'm study at Almadrasah Al'alawiah Ad Diniah Al Islamiah Arau Perlis . walawehhh
 lazy to proud.

fifth:- Single .

that all~